Wood recycling company for wood waste recycling to wood as a renewable resource



Recycling is a necessity in today's society. The amount of waste is constantly growing and resources are becoming scarcer. Therefore we need to find a solution together.

Wood recycling company Geldof has been active in wood waste recycling for over 15 years. All types of wood waste can be recycled by Geldof including demolition wood and packing wood. We further clean and strip the wood of all other non-wooden parts, producing a clean and proper raw material. This way we find a new destination for wood as a renewable resource to generate energy or as a substitute for production purposes. 

Geldof has more than 40 years of experience in the wood commodity and raw material market and therefore knows what is expected from good quality wood. Geldof was one of the first to replace wood from forest exploitation by recycled and waste wood.



Wood recycling company Geldof manages to give wood waste a new life or use wood as renewable resource, thanks to its motivated staff, effective and high performance techniques and always with people, environment and safety in mind.

Geldof is committed to the highest level of service and quality: from the collecting of the wood waste, to the production of the finished wood chips and their delivery.

Geldof respects people and the environment. Mutual understanding within our team results in good collaboration, a strong sense of responsibility and satisfaction. Values and respect for the environment are always an important part of our economic activities. That's why wood as a renewable resource is so important to us.

Geldof aims to have a sustainable and respectful relationship with all its stakeholders. Geldof aims to become and remain the best wood recycling company in the wood waste recycling industry by continuously improving customer satisfaction, cost efficiency and productivity and by optimising the use of its human, production and financial resources.

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