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Geldof recycles your wood waste

Geldof recycles 100% of your wood waste and can be considered expert wood recycler. We turn your wood into reusable wood.

Recycling is a concept that has become crucial in our society. As an expert wood recycler, Geldof turns wood waste, after it has been treated properly, into perfectly recycled and reusable wood.

Second life

Once wood waste is recycled at Geldof, it starts a second life as either a raw material in the production process (e.g. chip boards) or as a green fuel to generate energy. This means fewer trees have to be chopped and the volume of waste is reduced.

Top notch machinery

Recycling of reusable wood at Geldof takes place on a new, high-performance machine. The wood crushing plant consists of different components which independently reduce, clean, sieve and transport the waste wood and remove any metal parts. Any waste which cannot be removed by the machine is manually sorted on the conveyor belt.

Wood recycler Geldof assures itself of a high qualitative end product by performing systematic analysis and tests and by continuously checking the production process and the materials used.

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